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Team has disbanded.
Dinosaurslogo square.png
Team Information
Org Location
United Kingdom
CreatedMay 2016
DisbandedSept 2016

Dinosaurs (also known as The Dinosaurs) is a former European Halo team.


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Pro League[edit]

Dinosaurs was formed in early May 2016 by former Epsilon eSports members and twin brothers Alex "BUK 20" Buck and Will "BUK 57" Buck alongside former Team Infused member Andrew "Ramirez" Corrigan and former exceL eSports member Max "Riotz" Cottle. As a result of the Epsilon split, BUK 20 and BUK 57, who had originally secured a spot in the HCS Pro League as members of Epsilon eSports, would have to fight to earn a spot like every other team. Their first opportunity to do so was the online Summer Qualifier. The heavily favored squad was swept out of the tournament in two separate upset losses, first to Deception and then to Movement. The team broke up shortly after, with Ramirez and Riotz leaving the BUKs to find new teammates. The new teammates came in the form of Daniel "Flamez" Young and Kristopher "Qristola" O'Keefe. Flamez had recently coached the BUKs on Epsilon eSports. As a result of the roster change, Dinosaurs would have to earn a spot in the Last Chance Qualifier by doing well in an Open Qualifier. They succeeded early, finishing 1st in the first of three qualifiers. In the LCQ, Dinosaurs had its first shot of qualifying in Round 3, when they faced Deception. Deception would defeat them 3-1, putting their Pro League lives on the line against Team Vitality in the Losers' Bracket. Dinosaurs pulled out a 3-1 win and successfully qualified for the Pro League. Despite a strong 3-1 start, Dinosaurs closed the season out with a three-week, six-loss streak, narrowly missing out on the 4th place spot required to qualify for the Season Finals. In the Relegation tournament, Dinosaurs had a shaky start, losing 4-2 to We Know the Secret, but they bounced back with 4-0 victories over NTSC and We Know the Secret to retain their spot in the League for the Fall Season.

Early in the Summer-Fall off-season, Dinosaurs acquired James "Jimbo" Bradbrook, replacing Flamez on the roster.[1] This roster was not meant to be, however, as on the last day of the transfer period, Jimbo left to join FAB Games eSports while Qristola left to join Team Vibe. This left Dinosaurs to bring Flamez back and recruit Conor "VexZeus" Scally.[2] On September 10, Dinosaurs were acquired by esports organization Prophecy.[3]


  • 2016

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Role Next Team
BUK 20 Alex Buck Prophecylogo std.pngProphecy
BUK 57 Will Buck Prophecylogo std.pngProphecy
Flamez Daniel Young Prophecylogo std.pngProphecy
VexZeus Conor Scally Prophecylogo std.pngProphecy
Jimbo James Bradbrook FAB Games eSportslogo std.pngFAB Games eSports
Qristola Kristopher O'Keefe Team Vibelogo std.pngTeam Vibe
Ramirez Andrew Corrigan Realist Tinslogo std.pngRealist Tins
Riotz Max Cottle Realist Tinslogo std.pngRealist Tins

Tournament History[edit]

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
July 24, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A22 I1Q HCS Pro League - Summer 2016 Relegation BUK 20BUK 57FlamezQristola
July 1, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A55 $4,000 HCS Pro League - Summer 2016 Season BUK 20BUK 57FlamezQristola
May 8, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A33 - 4 I1Q HCS Pro League - Summer 2016 LCQ BUK 20BUK 57FlamezQristola
May 8, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A77 - 8 I1NQ HCS Pro League - Summer 2016 Qualifier BUK 20BUK 57RamirezRiotz




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