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Team has disbanded.
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Team LocationUnited States United States
 North America
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Elevate is an American team.


Halo 2: Anniversary

HCS Season 1

Team eLevate did not attend Iron Games Columbus. Their first event for season 1 was UGC St. Louis, with a roster of Gabriel, MuNoZ, Shaffer and Spartan formerly of Fatal Ambition. They took 7th at the event.

eLevate played in three more HCS Cups with the same roster, placing 4th, top 8, and top 16. They then announced that Shooter, formerly of Noble Reality Check, was replacing Shaffer. eLevate then placed top 8 in HCS Cup #6. Following this, coach TiberiusAudley left and was replaced by Elitest. eLevate again placed top 8 in HCS Cup #7.

At Gamers For Giving, eLevate was ousted from the Winners Bracket in Round 4 by Denial eSports, in a 3-0 sweep. eLevate made a bit of a run through the Losers Bracket, defeating eX Black 3-0, and sweeping Legendary 3-0 in the next round. They then faced Counter Logic Gaming in Round 7, and were defeated 3-0. In the 5-6 consolation round, they were again defeated by Denial, ending their tournament with a 5th placing.

eLevate entered the HCS Season 1 Finals at PAX East as the 7th seed. Their first match in WB was against the 2nd seeded Counter Logic Gaming. CLG won the series 3-0. eLevate then faced off against Str8 Rippin in the Losers Bracket, and were defeated 3-1, ending their tournament and their season with a 7-8th place finish.

eLevate's average LAN placing in HCS Season 1 was 6.83. Their total winnings amounted to $2,550.

HCS Season 2

On March 15, 2015, Spartan announced his free agency on Twitter, confirming that he had left eLevate. On March 30, eLevate announced that they had acquired Cory "Str8 SicK" Sloss, formerly of Str8 Rippin. At Iron Games Atlanta 2015, the new eLevate roster, seeded 4th after online success, was first upset by eXcellence in the winners' bracket before being eliminated in the losers' bracket by Velocity for a top 12 finish. On April 25, Gabriel confirmed that the eLevate Halo roster was disbanding. On April 30, eLevate announced the release of former roster members Shooter and Spartan from their contracts.

Halo 5: Guardians

On August 22, 2015, eLevate announced their return to Halo with a roster of Dillon "Randa" Randa, Ayden "Suspector" Hill, Bradley "iTz So Frosty" Bergstrom and Kevin "UnLegit" Smith. However, on November 16, UnLegit left the team to join Team Liquid, leaving eLevate short one player. UnLegit was replaced on November 28 with the addition of a returning MuNoZ. On December 2, the eLevate roster suffered another blow with the departure of Frosty to Counter Logic Gaming. The team suffered yet another blow on December 6 with the departure of Suspector to Allegiance eSports, leaving Randa and MuNoZ the only remaining members.On December 29, eLevate announced their new roster, consisting of Munoz, Faisal "Goofy" Khan, Kyle "Nemassist" Kubina and a returning Str8 SicK, as well as coach Brian "SixTen" Russell.

The eLevate roster managed to qualify for the HWC 2016 NA Regional Finals as the 10th seed. At Regionals, eLevate went 1-2 in their pool, losing to Counter Logic Gaming and Noble eSports and beating only OverDrive. Thus, they finished top 16 and did not qualify for Halo World Championship 2016. On March 2, eLevate announced the sidelining of its Regionals roster, and the acquisition of the former Noble eSports roster of Tim "Rayne" Tinkler, Zane "Penguin" Hearon, Tyler "Calm" Mozingo and Alex "Swift Kill" Ramirez. At Worlds, eLevate finished 1st in the group, defeating Denial eSports 3-0 in the process. In the quarterfinals, eLevate defeated Epsilon eSports 3-0 before meeting Team Allegiance in the semifinals. Allegiance defeated eLevate 4-2, ending their night with a top 4 finish and taking home $250,000.

On April 8, Team EnVyUs announced the acquisition of Rayne. On April 14, the eLevate roster took another hit, as Penguin left to join Renegades. On April 22, Goofy became the first member of the HWC Regionals roster to officially leave the organization, joining Team Allegiance. Days later, Str8 SicK became the next member to leave, announcing that he had joined OpTic Gaming. Munoz was the next to go, joining Soul eSports Red. On April 29, eLevate announced the signing of a new team, consisting of Jacob "Hysteria" Reiser, Richie "Heinz" Heinz, Jr., Dillon "Randa" Randa and Mason "Aries" Miller. The next day, the new eLevate roster failed to qualify for the Pro League Summer Qualifier, meaning they would have to get into the Pro League through the Last Chance Qualifier. Between the two tournaments, eLevate replaced Aries and Hysteria with Dan "Danoxide" Terlizzi and a returning Swift Kill. With only two Pro League spots available in the LCQ, standing in eLevate's way were the heavily favored Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming. eLevate advanced out of their pool despite a close loss to OpTic, but were defeated in their first chance to qualify in the Winners' Bracket by Team Liquid by a score of 4-2. In their final chance to qualify against OpTic Gaming, eLevate were again defeated 4-2, ending their Pro League hopes. Following their failure to qualify for Pro League, eLevate quietly let Swift Kill go and replaced him with Michael "Falcated" Garcia as they began competing in the Open Circuit. After nearly half of the Open Circuit season, Danoxide left the team, as he was acquired by Pro League team Team Liquid. This left a hole in eLevate's roster which was quickly filled by Jonathan "Renegade JW" W. After another week of competition, eLevate's roster suffered another blow, as Heinz was acquired by Pro League team Team Allegiance. With Falcated's subsequent departure to join French Toast Mafia, eLevate lost its points and Renegade left the organization as well. With the only remaining member, Randa, being picked up by Catastrophe, the team featuring a roster of Randa, Tristan "BrainStrms" Gurudeo, Kyle "Nemassist" Kubina and Nick "V t3ct9" began competing under the eLevate name. The team ended up finishing 2nd in the Open Circuit Finals, enough to qualify for Relegation and a chance at a Pro League spot. At the Relegation event, eLevate went winless, losing 4-0 to both Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming and missing out on a Pro League spot.

During the offseason, eLevate revamped its roster, keeping only Randa and bringing a returning Aries, Tyler "TireIron" Mara and Hunter "BabyJ" Schline on board. The new roster went into the Fall 2016 Open Circuit as a potential top team. On September 27, shortly after the start of the season, the eLevate roster was acquired by MoneyMatches.

On February 13, 2018, eLevate returned to the Halo scene after an absence of over two years, acquiring the roster of Cody "ContrA" Szczodrowski, Devon "PreDevoNatoR" Layton, Daniel "Danoxide" Terlizzi, and Tyler "Calm" Mozingo. eLevate had a poor tournament at MLG Orlando, finishing in the top twenty-four after losses to Fyra Gaming and Myztro Gaming in the open bracket. This resulted in the release of the team by eLevate, bringing in the Fyra Gaming roster of Ayden "Suspector" Hill, Visal "eL ToWN" Mohanan, Sabur "Sabinater" Hakimi, Uriah "Artic" Legorreta, and coach Nicholas "ShowTime" Laskaras. Having placed in the top six in Orlando as Fyra Gaming, the new Elevate roster went into MLG Columbus looking to improve on that finish. After finishing second in their pool and safely qualifying for Worlds, they lost two close matches to Renegades and Oxygen Supremacy, resulting in a top eight finish. At Worlds, Elevate finished second in its pool, losing 3-1 to Team EnVyUs. In the first round of bracket play, they lost 4-1 to TOX Gaming, but rebounded with a 4-0 sweep over Str8 Rippin in losers. In the following round, they were swept by EnVyUs and sent home with a top six finish.


  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Joined


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left

Penguin Zane Hearon Player Lux Gaminglogo std.pngLux Gaming 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-05-162019-05-16

TriPPPeY Joey Taylor Player Golden Modem Squadlogo std.pngGolden Modem Squad 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-05-162019-05-16

Ace Aaron Elam Player Falling Esportslogo std.pngFalling Esports 2019-04-112019-04-?? 2019-05-162019-05-16

Neighbor Mason Cobb Player Falling Esportslogo std.pngFalling Esports 2019-04-112019-04-?? 2019-05-162019-05-16

Zurka Spencer Rash Player Sage eSportslogo std.pngSage eSports 2019-02-202019-02-20 2019-04-112019-04-??

Guntype Dillan Stevens Player
2019-02-202019-02-20 2019-04-112019-04-??

Saiyan Tommy Wilson Player Casterlogo std.pngStreamer 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-02-202019-02-20

Neptune Travis McCloud Player
2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-02-012019-02-01

Spartan Tyler Ganza Player Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2018-06-302018-06-30 2018-12-182018-12-18

Ace Aaron Elam Player EQ.Status Quologo std.pngStatus Quo 2018-10-182018-10-18 2018-12-112018-12-??

Sabinater Sabur Hakimi Player DeSiTic Gaminglogo std.pngDeSiTic Gaming 2018-03-022018-03-02 2018-12-112018-12-??

eL ToWn Visal Mohanan Player
2018-03-022018-03-02 2018-12-112018-12-??

Falcated Michael Garcia Player Excelerate Gaminglogo std.pngExcelerate Gaming 2018-06-302018-06-30 2018-10-182018-10-18

Artic Uriah Legorreta Player Logo std.pngHitmen 2018-03-022018-03-02 2018-06-302018-06-30

Suspector Ayden Hill Player Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2018-03-022018-03-02 2018-06-302018-06-30

Calm Tyler Mozingo Player Fyra Gaminglogo std.pngFyra Gaming 2018-02-132018-02-13 2018-03-022018-03-02

Danoxide Dan Terlizzi Player Oceaniclogo std.pngOceanic 2018-02-132018-02-13 2018-03-022018-03-02

PreDevoNatoR Devon Layton Player Reality Checklogo std.pngReality Check 2018-02-132018-02-13 2018-03-022018-03-02

MoNsTcR Chance Duncan Player Reality Checklogo std.pngReality Check 2018-02-112018-02-?? 2018-03-022018-03-02

ContrA Cody Szczodrowski Player Reality Checklogo std.pngReality Check 2018-02-132018-02-13 2018-02-112018-02-??

BabyJ Hunter Schline Player The MoneyMatches Teamlogo std.pngThe MoneyMatches Team 2016-09-112016-09-?? 2016-09-272016-09-27

TireIron Tyler Mara Player The MoneyMatches Teamlogo std.pngThe MoneyMatches Team 2016-09-112016-09-?? 2016-09-272016-09-27

Aries Mason Miller Player The MoneyMatches Teamlogo std.pngThe MoneyMatches Team 2016-04-292016-04-29 2016-09-272016-09-27

Randa Dillon Randa Player The MoneyMatches Teamlogo std.pngThe MoneyMatches Team 2016-04-292016-04-29 2016-09-272016-09-27

v t3ct9 Nicola Rios Player Logo std.pngLU Gaming 2016-06-112016-06-?? 2016-09-112016-09-??

Nemassist Kyle Kubina Player Logo std.pngWeedmaps Gaming 2016-06-112016-06-?? 2016-09-112016-09-??

BrainStrms unknown Player Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2016-06-112016-06-?? 2016-09-112016-09-??

Renegade Jonathan Willette Player Logo std.pngElite Four 2016-05-112016-05-?? 2016-06-112016-06-??

Falcated Michael Garcia Player Logo std.pngFrench Toast Mafia 2016-05-112016-05-?? 2016-06-112016-06-??

Heinz Richie Heinz Player Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance 2016-04-292016-04-29 2016-06-222016-06-22

Danoxide Dan Terlizzi Player Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid 2016-05-112016-05-?? 2016-05-112016-05-??

Swift Kill Alex Ramirez Player Most Wantedlogo std.pngMost Wanted 2016-05-112016-05-?? 2016-05-112016-05-??

Hysteria Jacob Rieser Player Logo std.pngClown Fiesta 2016-04-292016-04-29 2016-05-112016-05-??

Aries Mason Miller Player Elevatelogo std.pngElevate 2016-04-292016-04-29 2016-05-112016-05-??

Swift Kill Alex Ramirez Player Logo std.pngGod Tier 2016-03-022016-03-02 2016-04-292016-04-29

Calm Tyler Mozingo Player Logo std.pngCADS 2016-03-022016-03-02 2016-04-292016-04-29

MuNoZ Gilbert Munoz Player Soul eSports Redlogo std.pngSoul eSports Red 2015-11-282015-11-28 2016-04-272016-04-27

Str8 SicK Cory Sloss Player OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming 2015-12-292015-12-29 2016-04-262016-04-26

Goofy Faisal Khan Player Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance 2015-12-292015-12-29 2016-04-222016-04-22

Penguin Zane Hearon Player Renegadeslogo std.pngRenegades 2016-03-022016-03-02 2016-04-142016-04-14

Rayne Tim Tinkler Player Team Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy 2016-03-022016-03-02 2016-04-092016-04-09

StelluR Braedon Boettcher Player OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming 2015-11-112015-11-?? 2015-12-072015-12-07

Suspector Ayden Hill Player Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance 2015-08-222015-08-22 2015-12-062015-12-06

Frosty Bradley Bergstrom Player Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming 2015-08-222015-08-22 2015-12-022015-12-02

Eco Kevin Smith Player Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid 2015-08-222015-08-22 2015-11-162015-11-16

Gabriel Gabriel Funes-Soto Player ISolation eSportslogo std.pngiSolation eSports 2014-11-242014-11-24 2015-04-252015-04-25

MuNoZ Gilbert Munoz Player ISolation eSportslogo std.pngiSolation eSports 2014-11-242014-11-24 2015-04-252015-04-25

Shooter Ryan Sondhi Player Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid 2015-02-022015-02-02 2015-04-252015-04-25

Str8 SicK Cory Sloss Player Active Rushlogo std.pngActive Rush 2015-03-302015-03-30 2015-04-252015-04-25

Spartan Tyler Ganza Player EXcellence Gaminglogo std.pngeXcellence Gaming 2014-12-152014-12-15 2015-03-152015-03-15

Swift Kill Alex Ramirez Player EXcellence Gaminglogo std.pngeXcellence Gaming 2014-12-072014-12-07 2014-12-152014-12-15



C ID Name Position

Strobe unknown Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team

Chig Kyle Lawson Player Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Elitest Sammy Satullo Player Fatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal Ambition

SwiftKill Alex Ramirez Player EXcellence Gaminglogo std.pngeXcellence Gaming

TiberiusAudley Tyler Hicks Coach Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid

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