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Team has disbanded.
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FBI ICON is a former Halo team that achieved moderate success in the 2007 MLG season.


Halo 2

FBI ICON was founded at the beginning of the 2007 MLG season by Jeremy "Tupac" Hodges, Paul "Slim" MiDeck, Jesse "ShooK On3" Latham and Jake "Pyrocy" Neff. The team burst onto the scene at MLG Charlotte 2007 with a 7th place finish. After Charlotte, Pyrocy was replaced by David "TimeliestBrute" Shockey. This lead to another 7th place finish at MLG Meadowlands 2007. ShooK On3 left after this and was replaced by "Butt3rZ". This lead to a disappointing 16th place finish at MLG Dallas 2007. FBI ICON switched up its lineup yet again for the next event, replacing Butt3rZ and Tupac with Leland "Mimic" Jones and Gavin "Havok" Smith. With Slim as the only remaining original member only four events into the season, ICON took 10th place at MLG Chicago 2007, leaving them dangerously close to missing out on an automatic bye into the National Championships. Slim then left the team and was replaced by Raymond "Ray" Markham. Despite another 10th place finish at MLG Orlando 2007, Ray's points were enough to propel the team into the 7th seed, allowing them to bypass the Playoff Brackets at the MLG Las Vegas Championships 2007. At the National Championships, FBI ICON took their highest placing of the season, finishing 6th and taking home $14,000. The team broke up shortly after the conclusion of the 2007 season.


  • 2007

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team

Ray Raymond Markham Logo std.pngNice Like Rice

Havok Gavin Smith

Mimic Leland Jones Logo std.pngLantastic 4

TimeliestBrute David Shockey Logo std.pngInfernO

Slim Paul MiDeck Logo std.pngNice Like Rice

Tupac Jeremy Hodges

Butt3rZ Logo std.pngPainX

ShooK On3 Jesse Latham Logo std.pngDipset

Pyrocy Jake Neff Logo std.pngDipset

Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
October 14, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A66 $14,000 MLG Las Vegas 2007 RayTimeliestBruteMimicHavok
September 23, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png B010 - MLG Orlando 2007 RayTimeliestBruteMimicHavok
August 19, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png B010 - MLG Chicago 2007 SlimTimeliestBruteMimicHavok
July 22, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png B616 - MLG Dallas 2007 SlimTimeliestBruteButt3rZTupac
June 10, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A77 $2,000 MLG Meadowlands 2007 SlimTimeliestBruteShooK On3Tupac
April 15, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A77 $2,000 MLG Charlotte 2007 SlimPyrocyShooK On3Tupac




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