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Flameshy started he’s Halo career aged 17 at he’s first event located in Loughborough, finishing 9th on Team Chasin’ n Pacin’ (Flameshy, FlaMeStryKe, Donut, Vex) at this event he reached the top 16 in the FFA & Top 8 in the Throwback Retro Halo 2 FFA.

Flameshy moved onto a makeshift A4D line up consisting of Chalkie, Struj, CreepeazY & Flameshy where all players broke into the top 8 for the first time.

From there EGL5 Blackpool was the next stop where he place 7th with another makeshift team alongside Septic, FluXy and Valadan.

EGL7 was the first time Flameshy entered the top 4 on new and improved A4D line up (Flameshy, Valadan, Az, CreepeazY)

After a long break he returned for the Halo:MMC title to compete at it first I-series event taking home 6th place on A4D with up and coming star Guapa replacing CreepazY.

A Week later Flameshy left A4D to join Xenex alongside former teammate CreepeazY, GriPz & TranQ where they take home a Top 8 placement.