List of Free Agents

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The following is a frequently updated list of general free agents looking to compete in the Halo Championship Series.

Free Agents

Notable Free Agents


ID Name Last Team

Leche Dylan McDonald

SwiSh Kyle Ahlberg

Spinks Jinx Tre


Hypotonic Han

Winifekt Chase Morris

Hoaxer Emanuel Lovejoy

Takedown Chandler Walrath

Padawin David Torres

Joyslays Barry Edwards

Frostbite Chris Herald

InReality Drake Lovelady

Daffs Michael Mahany

Plowski Collin Pawlowski

Plague Chris Ferreras

InSaviour John Alvarez

SensR Trev Martin

Slinky Mitchell



Shadows Hyper Michael Engle


Ozarts Chris Harris

Phobia Kalonji Regusters

Midshot Austin

General Free Agents


ID Name Last Team

Dork Scott Bush

Shinedown Joe Martinez

Frantic Array Chris Scarborough

Fantasy JR

Rayzz Mitchell

SPNKR Rocket

AF Reality Zach Kinkead

Predicto Dawson

Sayber Delano T.

HvK Prophecy

Saturn Casey Verano