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League Information
Organizer: Halo50k
Event Type: Offline
Format: 4v4, 2v2, and FFA
Prize pool: ~$8,000
Start Date: 2003-04-26
End Date: 2003-04-27
Winner: Logo std.png The Dream Team
Second: Logo std.png Danford/Moore
Third: Shoot to Killlogo std.png Shoot to Kill
Fourth: Logo std.png LoRdZ

Halo50k was one of the first major Halo events, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia from April 26-27, 2003. Halo: CE was played in 4v4, 2v2 and FFA competition.


Halo50k started out as an ambitious effort by fans to host a tournament with a $50,000 prize for the winners. As a result, entry fees started out steep, at $100 per person and $400 per team. In order for the 50k dream to become reality, the tournament would require 1000 entrants (250 teams of 4).[1] Unfortunately they fell far short of this, but Halo50k is still cemented in competitive Halo history for a multitude of reasons, its ambitiousness being only one of them. Despite not meeting the goal, it was still the Halo tournament with the highest prize payout at the time. It also featured the first appearance of the Ogre twins, Ogre 1 and Ogre 2, at a major Halo event. They came out strong, winning the 2v2 competition, the first of an unbeaten record in 2v2s. This set off a career of dominance that would continue for years.



  • Stage 1 - Free For All
    • Players from all teams are drawn randomly into heats, where final placement in FFA will yield points toward's player's team in the 4v4 portion of the event.
    • The final 8 players will battle it out in a single elimination 1v1 bracket.
  • Stage 2 - Pool Play
    • Teams are seeded randomly into round robin pool play.
  • Stage 3 - Bracket
    • Single Elimination bracket.


  • Single Elimination


~$8,000 USD in prize money was awarded between competitions.


Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1 Logo std.png The Dream Team AlexDarkmanShizzZyos
Silver.png 2 Logo std.png Danford/Moore DeetaGestapoSaiyanRyu
Bronze.png 3 Shoot to Killlogo std.png Shoot to Kill Dom1natorOgre1Ogre2Strangepurple
Copper.png 4 Logo std.png LoRdZ ClockworkEternalPray4UWisdom


$ 350 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize (%) Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1 100% $ 350 Ogre 1Ogre 2
Silver.png 2 - - ZyosAlex
3-4 - - DarkmanShizz
3-4 - - Pray4UClockwork
5-8 - - SenseimackBenz
5-8 - - TemaWags
5-8 - - StrangepurpleDom1nator
5-8 - - EternalWisdom


Place Team
Gold.png 1st Darkman
Silver.png 2nd Shizz
Bronze.png 3rd OGRE 1
Copper.png 4th Zyos



Place Player Score
Heat 1
1st Darkman 50
2nd OGRE 2 47
3rd Predator 44
4th Gestapo 32
Place Player Score
Heat 2
1st Shizz 50
2nd Wisdom 40
3rd Dom1nator 30
4th Silentscope 26
Place Player Score
Heat 3
1st OGRE 1 50
2nd Saiyan 47
3rd Alex 41
4th Gringo 25
Place Player Score
Heat 4
1st Zyos 50
2nd StrangePurple 44
3rd Old Man 43
4th Clockwork 25
Round 5
Place Player Score
1st Darkman 50
2nd Shizz 43
3rd OGRE 1 37
4th Zyos 35


Stage 2

Pool A
1. Logo std.png The Dream Team 6-0
2. Logo std.png Goats 3-3
3. Logo std.png Gods of War 3-3
4. Logo std.png Pursuit of Death 0-6
Pool B
1. Shoot to Killlogo std.png StK 5-1
2. Logo std.png Krypt 4-2
3. Logo std.png Oracle 3-3
4. Logo std.png Ronin Spartans 0-6
Pool C
1. Logo std.png DM 5-1
2. Logo std.png Spartanz 5-1
3. Logo std.png Team HBO 1-5
4. Logo std.png Our Gang 1-5
Pool D
1. Logo std.png LoRdZ 6-0
2. Logo std.png POR 2-3
3. Logo std.png OvK 1-4
4. Logo std.png Our Gang 2-4
Pool E
1. Logo std.png Three Shot Killers 6-0
2. Logo std.png Helljumpers 4-2
3. Logo std.png Jedi Masters 1-5
4. Logo std.png Little Mermaid 1-5
Pool F
1. Logo std.png GST 4-2
2. Logo std.png Dynasty House 3-3
3. Logo std.png Fatal Error 2-4
4. Logo std.png Hardcore 3-3
Pool G
1. Logo std.png First Blood 4-2
2. Logo std.png Noobsrus 1-5
3. Logo std.png Raid 1-5
4. Logo std.png Tuckboys 2-4
Pool H
1. Logo std.png Dragonsky 5-1
2. Logo std.png JSF 5-1
3. Logo std.png Dreamcrushers 1-5
4. Logo std.png Olympians 1-5
Pool I
1. Logo std.png DOA 6-0
2. Logo std.png Aphobia 3-3
3. Logo std.png Ttime 0-6
4. Logo std.png Chubby Ruckus 3-3
Pool J
1. Logo std.png Guardians 5-1
2. Logo std.png Uber Fraggers 5-1
3. Logo std.png Anonymous Penguins 1-5
4. Logo std.png LD 1-5

Stage 3

  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std.png The Dream Team 3
  Logo std.png Krypt 0
  Logo std.png Aphobia
  Logo std.png Krypt W
  Logo std.png The Dream Team 3
  Logo std.png JSF 0
  Logo std.png Noobsrus 1
  Logo std.png JSF 3
  Logo std.png The Dream Team 3
  Shoot to Killlogo std.png StK 0
  Shoot to Killlogo std.png StK 3
  Logo std.png Dragonsky 0
  Shoot to Killlogo std.png StK 3
  Logo std.png DOA 1
  Logo std.png Spartanz W
  Logo std.png POR
  Logo std.png Spartanz 0
  Logo std.png DOA 3
  Logo std.png The Dream Team 3
  Logo std.png DM 0
  Logo std.png Three Shot Killers 0
  Logo std.png First Blood 3
  Logo std.png Goats
  Logo std.png First Blood W
  Logo std.png First Blood 1
  Logo std.png DM 3
  Logo std.png Guardians 1
  Logo std.png DM 3
  Logo std.png DM 3
  Logo std.png LoRdZ 0
  Logo std.png Uber Fraggers W
  Logo std.png GST -
  Logo std.png Uber Fraggers 2
  Logo std.png LoRdZ 3
  Logo std.png Helljumpers W
  Logo std.png Dynasty House
  Logo std.png Helljumpers 0
  Logo std.png LoRdZ 3


  Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Zyos/Alex W
  Zyos/Alex W
  SteveO/Qtip W
  SteveO/Qtip W
  Zyos/Alex W
  Senseimack/Benz W
  Myth/Skinflute W
  Seth Bostwick/Caleb Bostwick W
  Juzam Djinn/Killer
  Seth Bostwick/Caleb Bostwick
  xXx/Gringo W
  Zyos/Alex W
  Anakin/Corwin W
  9 8/JohnDeere
  Master Yoad/Windu
  9 8/JohnDeere W
  Tema/Wags W
  Tema/Wags W
  Darkman/Shizz W
  Slayer/Killer W
  Knight/Random Man
  Knight/Random Man W
  Darkman/Shizz W
  Greygoose/Clark K W
  Master Luke/Darth Vader
  Greygoose/Clark K
  Darkman/Shizz W
  StrangePurple/Dom1nator W
  Team Not Ogres
  Team Not Ogres W
  StrangePurple/Dom1nator W
  Silentscore/VvHiteshadow W
  Doc Roc/OLGA
  Truth/Answer W
  Pray/Clockwork W
  Dragbody/JMB W
  Dragbody/JMB W
  Pray/Clockwork W
  Pray/Clockwork W
  1 1 7/0 2
  Thrilla/BigBoss W
  Eternal/Wisdom W
  Rambo/GRRR W
  Eternal/Wisdom W
  Slimz/B DOGG
  Retribution/Bukejula W
  Slimz/B DOGG W
  Dr. Death/Assassin W
  Muffin Man/Yoda
  Butler/Arkile W
  Dr. Death/Assassin
  Jynx/Ninja on Fire W
  Jynx/Ninja on Fire


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