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n 2008, team SyA was just a online team consisted of captain JeRawockee, Blaze, Alpha Strange, and luv hero. They got first in one of the stacked GB ladders. Moving on to 2010, JeRawockee, Blaze, and Alpha Strange needed a 4th to pick up for future events. That's when they found Ryanoob also known as "arealygoodnoob" as the days went on Alpha Strange and Ryanoob got into a huge argument and that's how Alpha Strange left the team. weeks before the Nashville Combine they picked up Dubay.

Nashville 2010 Combine: they placed 1st and didn't drop a game until the finals.

MLG Orlando 2010: they placed 14th. Lost to warriors ( Brake, Goofyy, Sypher, Znightmare )Game 11

MLG Columbus 2010: Ryanoob leaves Adrenaline rush to team with Warriors the team that beat them in Orlando. Adrenaline Rush picks up Krunchy they Placed 21st

MLG Raleigh 2010: JeRawockee and Blaze part ways with Dubay and Krunchy. they pick up Monix and amish acorns before the event. Later on they Drop Amish Acorns and pick up Young gun Royal 2. Placed 15th lost to Heaven and Earth (Sypher, Cpt Anarchy, Dersky, Strongside) game 5

after that event JeRawockee takes a Vacation to the Philippines for a month

MLG Dallas exhibition 2011: JeRawockee teams with Ryanoob, nate cova and Twin savior. They placed 16th lost to SyA (Adrenaline, Amish Acorns, Lethul, and Blaze) game 5 by 3 kills MLG Columbus 2012: JeRawockee teams with Calm Mentality, Soul, and Laz. they Placed top 20 losing to Dignitas (european squad)

AGL pittsburgh 2013: JeRawockee teams with Blaze, Elitest, and Creepytrash they lost there very first Round in winners bracket. Comeback from losers to Place 3rd lost to Believe the Hype ( Maniac, Dersky, Cloud, Enable) game 5 by 5 kills Iron Gaming Atlanta 2015: ?