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Team has disbanded.
Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
 North America
SponsorVGA (2005)
Monglers (2005)

LeGendZ is a defunct professional Halo team. Its most prominent member is Brandon "Defy" Jenkins.


Halo 2

Halo 3


Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
United States Defy Brandon Jenkins Logo std.pngVG The New Order
United States Best Man Nick Johnson Logo std.pngVG The New Order
United States Gandhi Scott Lussier
United States Legend Sean Hinsinger Pulse Classiclogo std.pngClassic
United States Naded Brett Leonard Carbonlogo std.pngCarbon
United States Frosty XiT Woundzlogo std.pngXiT Woundz
United States Stunner
United States Dysphoria
United States Darkfury
United States PistoL Logo std.pngThe Abusement Park
United States Vash Matthew Parker Logo std.pngPerfect Balance
United States Cpt Anarchy Carlos Morales Logo std.pngType-Z
United States Fonzi Alfonso Chartier Logo std.pngPerfect Storm
United States Mack Logo std.pngPerfect Balance
United States Joe Logo std.pngReign of Chaos
United States Strongside Michael Cavanaugh CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFinal Boss
United States Toxin Alex Varouhas Logo std.pngTeam KSI
United States Tsquared Tom Taylor ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin

Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
November 23, 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A88 MLG Las Vegas Championships 2008 DefyBest ManGandhiLegend
October 5, 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A88 MLG Dallas 2008 DefyBest ManGandhiLegend
August 24, 2008 Halo 3 logo.png B010 MLG Toronto 2008 DefyBest ManGandhiNaded
April 13, 2008 Halo 3 logo.png C323 MLG Meadowlands 2008 DefyBest ManFrostyStunner
October 14, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png B010 MLG Las Vegas Championships 2007 DefyDysphoriaDarkfuryPistoL
September 23, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A77 MLG Orlando 2007 DefyDysphoriaDarkfuryPistoL
August 19, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png C222 MLG Chicago 2007 DefyVashCpt AnarchyDysphoria
July 22, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png B111 MLG Dallas 2007 DefyVashCpt AnarchyFonzi
June 10, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png B414 MLG Meadowlands 2007 DefyVashCpt AnarchyFonzi
April 15, 2007 Halo 2 logo.png B313 MLG Charlotte 2007 DefyVashMackJoe
November 19, 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A44 MLG Las Vegas Championships 2006 DefyVashMackStrongside
October 15, 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A55 MLG New York Playoffs 2006 DefyVashMackStrongside
August 27, 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A88 MLG Orlando 2006 DefyVashMackStrongside
February 26, 2005 Halo 2 logo.png A55 - 6 MLG New York Championships 2005 DefyVashToxinTsquared
December 18, 2005 Halo 2 logo.png A55 MLG Chicago 2005 DefyVashToxinCpt Anarchy
November 27, 2005 Halo 2 logo.png A33 MLG Atlanta 2005 DefyVashToxinCpt Anarchy
October 16, 2005 Halo 2 logo.png A44 MLG Los Angeles 2005 DefyVashMackToxin
August 14, 2005 Halo 2 logo.png A33 MLG Las Vegas 2005 DefyVashCpt AnarchyMack
March 14, 2005 Halo 2 logo.png A44 MLG Houston 2005 DefyGandhiVashTsquared
January 30, 2005 Halo 2 logo.png A77 - 8 MLG Washington, D.C. 2005 DefyGandhiMackVash




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