MLG Chicago Combine 2010

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MLG Chicago Combine 2010
Doritos Combine.png
League Information
Organizer: MLG
Event Type: Offline
Format: 4v4
Prize pool: $2,000 (4v4)
$500 (FFA)
Start Date: 2010-5-14
End Date: 2010-5-16
Winner: LINK Secretlogo std.png Victorious Secret
Second: Logo std.png UoR Livin' the Dream
Third: Logo std.png Pluto is a Planet
Fourth: Logo std.png Armageddon

Doritos Pro Gaming Combine: Chicago was the second event of the 2010 collaboration between MLG and Doritos, taking place at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois from May 14 - 16, 2010. Halo 3 was played in amateur 4v4 and FFA tournaments.


The Doritos Pro Gaming Combine was a series of five amateur-exclusive Halo events, meant to generate exposure for up-and-coming players. Many of the players who got their names known in the combines have since gone on to become top-level pros.



Open bracket, 256-team limit, seeded by Pro Circuit Rolling Rank Points, 4v4 Combine Rank Points, Online Qualifier Rank Points, Expired Pro Circuit Rank Points, and Chicago Combine FFA Seeding Points.
Open only to players who have not held pro status in Halo 3
Double-elimination bracket, best-of-3 series
Extended-series rule: best-of-7 series starting from previous match's final score
Full Format Details


Open event, 1280 player limit, random seeding
Single-elimination bracket, top 4 in each match move on
Full Format Details



A total of $2,000 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $2,000 + trips to MLG Columbus LINK Secretlogo std.png Victorious Secret SwiftKillFugoReVampAdrenaline
Silver.png 2nd - Logo std.png UoR Livin' the Dream Amish AcornsTwin SavioRPacmanianDEVILRanda
Bronze.png 3rd - Logo std.png Pluto is a Planet NateChaikuhAce Of LifeGuN_2The_FrosT
4th - Logo std.png Armageddon wHo Is PoPcOrNiEli_XHeirarchi-POiSON
5th - Second Naturelogo std.png Second Nature Na5tyyy123Dad_DuseGoatsiiAkti0n
6th - Logo std.png Paradigm Shift SullaNThe-AccountantCizzzatsFIREBOMB
7th - Logo std.png Rise of Randoms DubayPhenomSOnastyFFeirioNLuckSide
8th - Logo std.png Next to Godly RyaNoobColeCaineCassCadeunWIND
9th - Logo std.png Four of a Kind LethuLMacFloobenheimerSauccy
10th - Logo std.png Escape ACzDCWarbirdoPalaDiNoBtrayal
11th - Logo std.png Breaking Away InTeNciFyFLEYH-TRAINEzLeMoNpZ
12th - Logo std.png The Mafia BananaCognacThe-NJ-SLay3rPlanet_NeptuneBrokeYourDream
13th - Logo std.png Beaver Patrol SnowPR0V0RLiNZyrTkkGor3
14th - Logo std.png Unrivaled EC_Hawkey3C-TreadThe_Skywalker81NExPatriots16
15th - Logo std.png Direct Effect ElectriKYoSneakyGhost AttackNayR
16th - Logo std.png Pokemon Breeders Asian OneTop DuckyJokers_InstinctBad_Habit
17th-24th - Logo std.png Asylum SargothiREPLiKATheBHGKNB_KatyPerry
17th-24th - Logo std.png Mad City IcEKiLLeRaKa GooseKrogervoxONE
17th-24th - Logo std.png Out of Order Boh_ZohtrranceRuler_of_ChaosBlastaMasta3
17th-24th - Logo std.png Taylor Gang FirsTimeHaggieNeeksELi_ScRuBBz
17th-24th - Logo std.png Untitled Dreams PlasmaadPsionicTSCGaTmAnAerograff
17th-24th - Logo std.png Catching Fire Bulldog_HaSvBeamPappaCatMaGiKL
17th-24th - Logo std.png FYC kcwaveRaBBiTSkaryHimselfnova_v3
17th-24th - Logo std.png Clear The Mechanism HarrynipplesPvSorroKywizzleiTsJuSTAvante
25th-32nd - Logo std.png Knights of Narnia PreDevoNatoRDyVineEndLeSSiGoDDD
25th-32nd - Logo std.png Final Chapter TFoXiC on3Beast_702KoreanWarriorSaint
25th-32nd - Logo std.png Cloud 9 (Chicago) BiddysBeWaReZaChDayz3dRotK 1 Apostle
25th-32nd - Logo std.png UGC American Dream RunBackwardsTKS_MoNoXiDeTony_BlaineWhotippedmycow
25th-32nd - Logo std.png Defying All Odds Jeffery3510icpowell16SKATTblacktaco1224
25th-32nd - Logo std.png Conviction MikwenawwChozen_WonCpt-KamariBestMistake
25th-32nd - Logo std.png Requiem ColdKillaFatalHimSelfaShocknAweiKrazyy
25th-32nd - Logo std.png UGC American Dream RunBackwardsTKS_MoNoXiDeTony_BlaineWhotippedmycow


A total of $500 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Player Team
Gold.png 1st $500 + trip to MLG Columbus Amish Acorns Logo std.png UoR Livin' the Dream

Wild Card Winners

Prize Player Team
$500 + trip to MLG Columbus ACzDC Logo std.png Escape
$500 + trip to MLG Columbus Google Nate Logo std.png Pluto is a Planet
$500 + trip to MLG Columbus Twin SavioR Logo std.png UoR Livin' the Dream








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