MLG San Diego 2008

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MLG San Diego 2008
MLG Logo.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerMajor League Gaming
Prize Pool$ 56,000
Location & Dates
GameHalo 3
PlatformXbox 360
United States
LocationSan Diego
VenueTown and Country Resort Hotel
Start Date2008-06-13
End Date2008-06-15
WinnerApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin
SecondEon Instinctlogo std.pngInstinct
ThirdCoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTriggers Down
FourthCarbonlogo std.pngCarbon

MLG San Diego 2008 was the second event of the 2008 MLG season. It took place at the Town and Country Resort Hotel in San Diego, California, from June 13-15, 2008.



  • Open Bracket
    • Double Elimination
    • Best of 3 Series
    • Top 16 teams advance to Championship Bracket
  • Championship Bracket
    • 16 teams + 16 Open Bracket teams
    • Double Elimination
    • Best of 5 Series

Game Types and Maps[edit]

  • Team Slayer: Construct, Guardian, Narrows, Onslaught, The Pit
  • Team King: Construct, The Pit
  • Team Oddball: Guardian
  • Multi Flag: Narrows, Onslaught, The Pit

Prize Pool[edit]

$ 56,000 USD is spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1 $ 20,000 ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin TsquaredLegitElamiteNeighbor • xXx
Silver.png 2 $ 12,000 Eon Instinctlogo std.pngInstinct MackeoLunchboxRoySnipedown
Bronze.png 3 $ 8,000 CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTriggers Down SKHalogodFearItSelfHysteriaVictory X
Copper.png 4 $ 5,600 Carbonlogo std.pngCarbon GandhiKarmaShocKWav3GH057ayame
5 $ 4,000 Pulse Classiclogo std.pngClassic LegendFeaRAnTSoldi3r187
6 $ 2,800 Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype CloudHeinzNeXuSSsSilent
7 $ 2,000 CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFinal Boss OGRE1OGRE2WalshyStrongSide
8 $ 1,600 Logo std.pngFatal Images TiZoXiCSeVeRiNcENadedFoulacy
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Open Bracket[edit]

Championship Bracket[edit]

Winners Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
  CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFB 3
  Logo std.pngUPRI 0
  CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFB W
  Logo std.pngFJ
  Logo std.pngFJ 3
  Logo std.pngPHOB 1
  CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFB 0
  Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH 3
  Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH W
  Logo std.pngBIZR
  Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH 3
  Logo std.pngFI 0
  EQ.Status Quologo std.pngsQ
  Logo std.pngFI W
  Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH 0
  ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 3
  ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 3
  Logo std.pngMOM! 0
  ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 3
  Logo std.pngINFE 0
  Crowd Pleaserslogo std.pngCP
  Logo std.pngINFE W
  ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 3
  CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 0
  Dynastylogo std.pngDyn
  Logo std.pngHIGH W
  Logo std.pngHIGH 0
  CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 3
  Logo std.pngARSE 0
  CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 3
  Eon Instinctlogo std.pngIns 3
  Logo std.pngRTG 0
  Eon Instinctlogo std.pngIns 3
  XiT Woundzlogo std.pngXiT 1
  Logo std.pngADVE 0
  XiT Woundzlogo std.pngXiT 3
  Eon Instinctlogo std.pngIns W
  Carbonlogo std.pngCbN
  Logo std.pngINFL 3
  Logo std.pngDGK 0
  Logo std.pngINFL 1
  Carbonlogo std.pngCbN 3
  Logo std.pngUNUN 0
  Carbonlogo std.pngCbN 3
  Eon Instinctlogo std.pngIns 3
  Pulse Classiclogo std.pngCls 2
  VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb 3
  Logo std.pngZONE 2
  VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb W
  Logo std.pngCHIL
  Logo std.pngQOP
  Logo std.pngCHIL W
  VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb
  Pulse Classiclogo std.pngCls W
  Logo std.pngMOB 2
  Logo std.pngBREA 3
  Logo std.pngBREA
  Pulse Classiclogo std.pngCls W
  Cutting Edge eSportslogo std.pngcE 0
  Pulse Classiclogo std.pngCls 3

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
  Logo std.pngBREA W
  Logo std.pngUPRI
  Logo std.pngPHOB   CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFB 3
  Logo std.pngPHOB W   Logo std.pngBREA W
  Logo std.pngBREA 1
  Logo std.pngCHIL
  Logo std.pngCHIL W
  EQ.Status Quologo std.pngsQ W   CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 3
  EQ.Status Quologo std.pngsQ   CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFB 2
  Logo std.pngBP   Pulse Classiclogo std.pngCls 0
  CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 3
  Logo std.pngINFL
  Logo std.pngMOM!
  Crowd Pleaserslogo std.pngCP W   CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 3
  Crowd Pleaserslogo std.pngCP W   Crowd Pleaserslogo std.pngCP 1
  XiT Woundzlogo std.pngXiT 0
  XiT Woundzlogo std.pngXiT 3
  XiT Woundzlogo std.pngXiT W
  Logo std.pngARSE
  Dynastylogo std.pngDyn
  Dynastylogo std.pngDyn W
  Logo std.pngHIGH W
  Logo std.pngRTG
  Logo std.pngADVE   Carbonlogo std.pngCbN 3
  Logo std.pngADVE W   Logo std.pngHIGH 3
  Logo std.pngHIGH 0
  Logo std.pngDGK 0
  Logo std.pngINFE
  Logo std.pngUNUN   Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH 2
  Logo std.pngDGK   Carbonlogo std.pngCbN 3
  Logo std.pngDGK W   Carbonlogo std.pngCbN 3
  Logo std.pngFI 2
  Logo std.pngFI W
  Logo std.pngZONE W
  Logo std.pngZONE   VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb 2
  Logo std.pngQOP   Logo std.pngFI 3
  Logo std.pngFI 3
  Logo std.pngMOB 1
  Logo std.pngFJ
  Cutting Edge eSportslogo std.pngcE
  Logo std.pngMOB W
  Logo std.pngMOB W

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 3
  ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 3 3
  Eon Instinctlogo std.pngIns 1
  Eon Instinctlogo std.pngIns 1 0
  Eon Instinctlogo std.pngIns 3
From Losers Bracket
  CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 1
  CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTD 3
  Carbonlogo std.pngCbN 1

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