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MLG San Francisco 2005
MLG Logo.png
League Information
Organizer: MLG
Event Type: Offline
Format: 4v4
Number of Teams: 32
Prize pool: $5,000
Start Date: 2005-2-26
End Date: 2005-2-27
Winner: Shoot to Killlogo std.png Shoot to Kill
Second: CheckSix Gaminglogo std.png CheckSix Gaming
Third: Logo std.png Not So Str8 Rippin
Fourth: Logo std.png Team Montage
FFA 1st Ogre 1
FFA 2nd Walshy
FFA 3rd Nataku
FFA 4th Ogre 2

MLG San Francisco 2005 was the second event of the 2005 MLG season, taking place at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, California from February 26-27, 2005. Halo 2 was played in 4v4 and FFA tournaments alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee and an assortment of fighting games.


After their loss to Shoot to Kill at MLG D.C. 2005, Zyos and Sergio of Check Six looked to rebound in San Francisco. They replaced Tsquared and Tupac with successful CE players KillerN and Toxin. Despite the team change, Check Six once again fell to StK in the finals.


  • Pool Play seeded by FFA results
  • Double-Elimination, best of 5 series
    • Extended Series rule: best of 11 series starting 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 based on result of previous meeting


4v4 Results

A total of $5,000 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $2,500 Shoot to Killlogo std.png Shoot to Kill Ogre1Ogre2DMSaiyanWalshy
Silver.png 2nd $1,500 CheckSix Gaminglogo std.png CheckSix Gaming ZyosSergioAP-KillerNToxin
Bronze.png 3rd $1,000 Logo std.png Not So STR8 RIPPIN AYBFonziFoulacyTrue_KarmaSyNeRGy
4th - Logo std.png Team Montage bradfox2fiberoptixNTlsHaYPunsTDarkstar
5-6th - Logo std.png Mongler’s Mafia Ripp0nStew007NakamuraNataku
5-6th - Logo std.png Yay Area’ Finest Samurai650MilitarymindXxWiCkwar
7-8th - Logo std.png YatZee’s Fan Club The_DrifterRegulat0rYatZeeOneShotKill
7-8th - Logo std.png PSGD itheoryiNokternalReynationKurama
9-12th - Logo std.png TK scabbronumber1RojoLoboronniepayneN3C0
9-12th - Logo std.png Retro )Z( johnnydbz5retrotwinbob44German.cynic.
9-12th - Logo std.png AGP blindfirePlayer_1_suckadickblackarrow
9-12th - Logo std.png Team DyE RambyTriple007MrPistolZachZoola
13-16th - Logo std.png 4SK f0hshotskillzitsm0rfintimeeleetpwnshop
13-16th - Logo std.png 3MAJ somebodyAHomericHeroEmonREDRUMpro
13-16th - Logo std.png Team Beached Whale TBW NemesisrudizzleH2obadmotha2Morgoth24
13-16th - Logo std.png Nites of Honor thef1uxShady_Raventhecarrier03cube32
17-24th - Logo std.png TBLOTOS PN AnakinPuckettDolbexSynide
17-24th - Logo std.png Equal Disadvantage Skins+ManTainted OneX_PrOPredator831
17-24th - Logo std.png 2v2 side event Azariahstealth_1987EPADEMICtridon1987
17-24th - Logo std.png The Special Forces SquirrelllysupersteventhedarkrunnerESCO
17-24th - Logo std.png tortugasninjas mobiletacohotsauce67church777walkerbush
17-24th - Logo std.png BGD MacManovaBGDNobleJetplanePoonChoch
17-24th - Logo std.png D00m P4tr0L d00m95ssYodaHalHammer
17-24th - Logo std.png The Finest LikeButtaDandertahoetygy488
25-32nd - Logo std.png Regime Tarik510drizzleanthrax151Porter
25-32nd - Logo std.png 5150 jskprozac5150-Ezimm
25-32nd - Logo std.png Singles dleeatmlgMafiaU-THeavyReaper137
25-32nd - Logo std.png IBK Deception huntrkillrKareemMoloch33TheSquid12SixxHole
25-32nd - Logo std.png uneXpected chuck_DStoned_SonicRatblazeGambit7586
25-32nd - Logo std.png Killif0rnia armedmonstermillerwhiteCharlesmpolera
25-32nd - Logo std.png Fun Filled Genocide phentos.sixsquiddyaquaticakesFUNKY_JL7
25-32nd - Logo std.png CbC ThaCrowCbCBakerloco madskillzroondog

FFA Results

An unknown amount prize money was awarded.

Place Player
Gold.png 1st OGRE 1
Silver.png 2nd Walshy
Bronze.png 3rd Nataku
4th OGRE 2
5th Nakamura
6th PoonChoch
7th Toxin
8th True_Karma



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