MLG Seattle 2004

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MLG Seattle 2004
MLG Logo.png
League Information
Organizer: Major League Gaming
Event Type: Offline
Format: DE Bracket
Number of Teams: 20
Prize pool: $8,000
Start Date: 2004-8-21
End Date: 2004-8-22
Links: Website
Winner: Logo std.png DOMINATION
Second: Logo std.png Ummm
Third: Logo std.png F Gintron
Fourth: Logo std.png FU Gintron

MLG Seattle 2004 was the sixth event of the 2004 MLG season, taking place at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington from August 21-22, 2004. Halo: CE was played in 2v2, 4v4 and FFA tournaments alongside Soul Calibur II, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Gran Turismo III.


MLG Seattle, nicknamed "The Downpour", featured the debut of Team Domination, a team composed of arguably the four greatest Halo: CE players ever - Ogre 1, Ogre 2, KillerN and Walshy. Domination lived up to their name at MLG Seattle, breezing through the competition on their way to their first event win together.

The event also featured the first look at the Halo 2 beta, as Frankie and Sketchmaster appeared at the event to showcase a very early build of the game.



A total of $8,000 USD in prize money was awarded.


Place Team Roster (Coach)
Gold.png 1st Logo std.png DOMINATION WalshyKillerNOgre1Ogre2
Silver.png 2nd Logo std.png Ummm NistiCStrangepurpleDarkmanAlex
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std.png F Gintron ZyosMethodzTupacBoo
4th Logo std.png FU Gintron ClockworkSaiyanToxinScythe
5th Logo std.png TeK ProxaYatzeeALISpArTaN
6th Logo std.png SE ClaytonPaulMarkCanada
7th Logo std.png MoD BreseJMBGrasshopperMaven
8th Logo std.png I Don't Know StewPorterJohnBob
9th Logo std.png Guardians AssassinPredatorDr DeathR-dizzle
10th Logo std.png Toxin's Eyebrows b1sHopEvilPoptartProdigyDrifter
11th Logo std.png 1812 XaeroHannibalxellosJynx
12th Logo std.png TBLOTOS PN
13th Logo std.png GC A GirlRegulatorRossiDark Ace
14th Logo std.png BGD crankGricksevraeTHE ONE7
15th Logo std.png High Plains TastyKlammeXAXheavy arms
16th Logo std.png PoPo Mr. PopoPoPo Jr.Uncle PopoKing Popo
17th Logo std.png The Hippos Samurai Cloki livespleaseTed Steel
18th Logo std.png 2x Ryo CandaRaiTJBrad
19th Logo std.png NsC FoRseTiXeNeXDaNcChrYo
20th Logo std.png 425 dukekdnbombgeneunit


Place Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Logo std.png DOMINATION 1 Ogre1KillerN
Silver.png 2nd Logo std.png FU Gintron 1 ScytheToxin
3-4th Logo std.png DOMINATION 2 Ogre2Walshy
3-4th Logo std.png Ummm 1 StrangepurpleNistiC
5-8th Logo std.png Ummm 2 DarkmanAlex
5-8th Logo std.png F Gintron 1 MethodzTupac
5-8th Logo std.png F Gintron 2 ZyosBoo
5-8th Logo std.png TeK 1 ALIProxa
9-16th Logo std.png TeK 2 YatzeeSpArTaN
9-16th Logo std.png MoD 1 GrasshopperBrese
9-16th Logo std.png I Don't Know 1 StewJohn
9-16th Logo std.png SE 1 CanadaClayton
9-16th Logo std.png Toxin's Eyebrows 1 b1sHopDrifter
9-16th Logo std.png Guardians 1 AssassinDr Death
9-16th Logo std.png FU Gintron 2 SaiyanClockwork
9-16th Logo std.png SE 2 PaulMark
17-32nd Logo std.png The Hippos 1 UglyladyWhite Wizard
17-32nd Logo std.png Guardians 2 PredatorR-dizzle
17-32nd Logo std.png GC 1 Dark AceLelu
17-32nd Logo std.png 2x 1 RyoRai
17-32nd Logo std.png Toxin's Eyebrows 2 EvilpoptartProdigy
17-32nd Logo std.png NsC 1 DanCChyro
17-32nd Logo std.png BGD 1 evraeTHE ONE
17-32nd Logo std.png PoPo 1 Uncle PoPoMr. PoPo
17-32nd Logo std.png PoPo 2 PoPo Jr.King PoPo
17-32nd Logo std.png GC 2 RegulatorRossi
17-32nd Logo std.png BGD 2 CrankGricks
17-32nd Logo std.png The Hippos 2 pleaseMalice
17-32nd Logo std.png MoD 2 JMBMaven
17-32nd Logo std.png I Don't Know 2 BobPorter
17-32nd Logo std.png 1812 1 xaeroxellos
17-32nd Logo std.png NsC 2 XeNeXFoRsEtI


Place Player
Gold.png 1st Strangepurple
Silver.png 2nd Ogre1
3-4th Walshy
3-4th Methodz
5-8th Ogre2
5-8th Zyos
5-8th NistiC
5-8th ALI
9-10th KillerN
9-10th Toxin
11-12th Scythe
11-12th Gricks
13-14th Tupac
13-14th Alex
15-16th Grasshopper
15-16th John
17-20th Paul
17-20th Darkman
17-20th b1sHop
17-20th SpArTaN
21-24th Saiyan
21-24th Regulator
21-24th Proxa
21-24th Canada
25-28th evrae
25-28th Porter
25-28th Boo
25-28th Clockwork
29-32nd Predator
29-32nd Xaero
29-32nd Dark Ace
29-32nd Xellos



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