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2018 Season
North America
Halo Classic
The Halo Classic.png
Jan 11 - Jan 13 2019

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  TOX Gaminglogo std.png TOX 3
  TOX Gaminglogo std.png TOX 1 4
  Denial Esportslogo std.png DNL 0
  Denial Esportslogo std.png DNL 4 2
  Denial Esportslogo std.png DNL 3
From Losers Bracket
  Team Reciprocitylogo std.png REC 1
  Team Reciprocitylogo std.png REC 3
  Lux Gaminglogo std.png LUX 1

Latest News
January 13
UGClogo small.png
Gold.png TOX Gaminglogo std.png TOX Gaming Silver.png Denial Esportslogo std.png Denial Esports in the UGC Halo Classic.
UGClogo small.png
TOX Gaminglogo std.png TOX Gaming, Denial Esportslogo std.png Denial Esports, Team Reciprocitylogo std.png Team Reciprocity, Lux Gaminglogo std.png Lux Gaming, EQ.Status Quologo std.png Status Quo, and Logo std.png Golden Modem Squad qualify for the HCS Invitational 2019.
UGClogo small.png
Gold.png RyaNoob Silver.png Porky in the UGC Halo Classic FFA.
January 12
UGClogo small.png
Gold.png Legend and Patch Silver.png McDick and J0wnz in the UGC Halo Classic 2v2.
January 10
Elevatelogo std.png ELV Penguin, TriPPPeY, Saiyan, and Neptune join. Strobe joins as coach.
January 04
HCSlogo small.png
HCS Invitational 2019 and DreamHack Dallas 2019 announced.
DeSiTic Gaminglogo std.png DeSiTic PreDevoNatoR retires.
December 31
Lux Gaminglogo std.png LUX Conerd joins as coach.
December 29
UGClogo small.png
Gold.png TOX Gaminglogo std.png TOX Gaming Silver.png Logo std.png Golden Modem Squad in the UGC Halo Classic Qualifier 6.
December 28
Gold.png Team Reciprocitylogo std.png Team Reciprocity Silver.png Logo std.png Slump in the UMG Gaming Prime $500 4v4 Variant 2018-12-28.
DeSiTic Gaminglogo std.png DeSiTic Falcated, Sabinater, PreDevoNatoR, and BLaZe join.
December 26
Lux Gaminglogo std.png LUX D3M0N D, Cloud, and bubu dubu join.

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DreamHack logo.png  
May 31 - Jun 02
  DreamHack Dallas 2019
GFGlogo small.png  
Mar 23 - Mar 24
  Gamers For Giving 2019
HCSlogo small.png  
Mar 15 - Mar 17
  HCS Invitational 2019
UGClogo small.png  
Jan 11 - Jan 13
  UGC Halo Classic
UGClogo small.png
Dec 29
  UGC Halo Classic Qualifier 6
Dec 28
  UMG Gaming Prime $500 4v4 Variant 2018-12-28
UGClogo small.png
Dec 22
  UGC Halo Classic Qualifier 5
UGClogo small.png
Dec 21
  UGC Halo Classic Qualifier 4
Skirmish Prologo.png
Dec 16
  Skirmish Pro $800 4v4 Variant 2018-12-16
UGClogo small.png
Dec 15
  UGC Halo Classic Qualifier 3
UGClogo small.png
Dec 14
  UGC Halo Classic Qualifier 2
UGClogo small.png
Dec 08
  UGC Halo Classic Qualifier 1
HCSlogo small.png  
Nov 16 - Nov 18
  Halo Championship Series Finals 2018
Gfinitylogo small.png  
Sep 14 - Sep 16
  Gfinity London 2018
MLGlogo small.png  
Jul 13 - Jul 15
  MLG New Orleans 2018
HCSlogo small.png  
Apr 13 - Apr 15
  Halo World Championship 2018
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