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A list of tasks which need to be completed by an editor or staff member. If you complete a task, please delete it from the list. If you believe something needs to be added to the list, contact a manager.

To-Do List[edit]

Long Term[edit]

  • Update old event pages to current standard format (eg. PAX East 2015 to MLG Orlando 2018 format)
  • Update team and player pages to current standard format including photo for players (eg. Arkanum to Frosty format)
  • Add/update/redo many player page bios (Juziro, SneakyBran, KLTNn, Manny, Kaiss, Vtec...)
  • Create pages for historic players who meet guideline requirements (eg. Ramby, Poon)
  • Create and update pages for notable coaches past and present (coach pages are currently receiving zero attention unless DMed about)
  • Update European player and team pages to current standard format

Short Term[edit]

  • Reflect Halo World Championship 2018 placings for all applicable players, make pages for Nasty Bullet and Noble.
  • Create pages for every 2000 Series cup
  • Create page for EGLX 2018
  • Update team list on player page infoboxes to current standard format (done for most current players, still needs to be done for past players)