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Halo CE[edit]

Nistic started his Professional Halo career at MLG Philadelphia 2004, placing 3rd, and would not place lower than 3rd at an MLG tournament for the rest of the year. Nistic joined Dugs Buddies for two events, placing 3rd at both MLG Chicago 2004 and MLG Atlanta 2004 with Toxin and JMB. He received his first and only tournament win at MLG Los Angeles 2004 with Business Decision with a roster consisting of Sergio, Strangepurple and Saiyan. Nistic finished his Halo CE career with a 3rd place finish at the MLG New York 2004 Championship.

Halo 2[edit]


Game End Date Event Place Team Prize Team Teammates
Halo 1 logo.png October 23, 2004 MLG New York Championships 2004 A33 ? Logo std.pngBusiness Decision StrangepurpleSaiyanSergio
Halo 1 logo.png September 25, 2004 MLG Los Angeles 2004 A11 ? Logo std.pngBusiness Decision SergioStrangepurpleSaiyan
Halo 1 logo.png August 22, 2004 MLG Seattle 2004 A22 ? Logo std.pngUmmm StrangepurpleDarkmanAlex
Halo 1 logo.png July 24, 2004 MLG Atlanta 2004 A33 ? Logo std.pngDug and His Buddies ToxinStrangepurpleJMB
Halo 1 logo.png June 19, 2004 MLG Chicago 2004 A33 ? Logo std.pngDug's Buddies ToxinClockworkJMB
Halo 1 logo.png February 22, 2004 MLG Philadelphia 2004 A33 ? Logo std.pngShoot Back CsquaredDamienZyos

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