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Team has disbanded.
Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
 North America
CreatedDec 2015
DisbandedFeb 2016

OverDrive is an American Halo team.


Halo 5: Guardians

OverDrive was formed in December 2015, in preparation for the Halo World Championship 2016 NA Online Qualifier series. The initial roster consisted of captain John "Vetoed" Dubeau, Brian "Kephrii" St. Pierre, "Marbelize" and Nick "King Nick". In the first qualifier, OverDrive pulled off a huge upset, sweeping Team Liquid out of the tournament and placing top 4 in the process. Over the course of the next three qualifiers, OverDrive experienced less success. Kephrii was dropped after the second cup and replaced by "Psylince". After the third cup, King Nick left and was replaced by "Squalleye". During the roster madness caused by Lethul leaving Evil Geniuses only days before roster lock, Vetoed and Marbelize recruited Levi "LeVy" Stump and brought back Kephrii in a final attempt to qualify. The attempt was successful, as OverDrive squeaked out the 15th seed for the NA Regional Finals.

On February 14, Kephrii announced in a tweet that Marbelize was unable to make it to Regionals, and thus was being replaced by Chance "MoNsTcR" Duncan.[1] At Regionals, OverDrive went 0-3 in their group, finishing top 16. The next day, the members of OverDrive confirmed the disbandment of the team on Twitter.


  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Role
Canada Vetoed John Dubeau Logo std.pngSentinels
United States MoNsTcR Chance Duncan
United States Kephrii Brian St. Pierre VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmbush
United States LeVy Levi Stump Crowd Controllogo std.pngCrowd Control
United States Marbelize
United States Squalleye Nathan Kostal Logo std.pngLegendary
United States Psylince
United States King Nick Nicolas Panzella G4C Severancelogo std.pngSeverance

Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
February 21, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A99 - 16 - HWC NA Regional Finals 2016 VetoedKephriiMoNsTcRLevy

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