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Team has disbanded.
Team Information
Org LocationEurope Europe

Power is a defunct professional Halo team. Its most prominent members are twin brothers Alex "BUK 20" Buk and Will "BUK 57" Buck.

Power is one of the most successful European teams to compete in North American Halo events.


Halo 3

Power first appeared on the North American scene at MLG Anaheim 2009, taking 19th place with a roster of European players Alex "BUK 20" Buck, Will "BUK 57" Buck, Jack "Baxter" Baxter and Eddie "Reaction" Leck. This roster returned at the 2009 MLG Orlando National Championships, improving with a placing of 17th.

For the MLG Orlando 2010 season opener, Power returned with "MVP" in place of Baxter, and placed 21st. Power returned at MLG Columbus 2010, with the Buck twins replaced by "ZooWuu" and "Fearris". They placed 14th. The Bucks returned and reunited with MVP and Baxter at MLG Raleigh 2010 where they placed an impressive 10th in their final Halo 3 event.

Halo: Reach

Power first competed in Halo: Reach at the MLG Dallas 2010 Reach exhibition with "Loco" replacing Reaction, where they placed 5th. This lineup attended the inaugural Reach event at MLG Dallas 2011, placing 19th. Power then technically returned (as PAOWA) for one final event at MLG Columbus 2011, with a roster of BUK 57, "Krunchy", "Ghetto" and "Minority". They placed 28th.


Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team

BUK 57 Will Buck Logo std.pngMouseketeers

Krunchy Logo std.pngIM DONE

Ghetto Logo std.pngMouseketeers

Minority Logo std.pngSlaughterhouse

BUK 20 Alex Buck LowLandLionslogo std.pngLowLandLions



Reaction Eddie Leck LINK Secretlogo std.pngVictorious Secret

Fearris Logo std.pngRelapse

ZooWuu Logo std.pngReign Of Chaos

Baxter Jack Baxter


Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
June 3-5th 2011 Halo reach logo.png C828 MLG Columbus 2011 BUK 57KrunchyGhettoMinority
April 1-3 2011 Halo reach logo.png B919 MLG Dallas 2011 BUK 20BUK 57LocoMVP
November 5-7 2010 Halo reach logo.png A55 MLG Dallas Championships 2010 BUK 20BUK 57LocoMVP
August 27-29th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png B010 MLG Raleigh 2010 BUK 20BUK 57MVPReaction
June 4-6th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png B414 MLG Columbus 2010 FearrisMVPReactionZooWuu
April 16-18th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png C121 MLG Orlando 2010 BUK 20BUK 57MVPReaction
January 8-10th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png B717 MLG Orlando Championships 2009 BUK 20BUK 57BaxterReaction
November 6-8th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png B919 MLG Anaheim 2009 BUK 20BUK 57BaxterReaction

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