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Rayne nV 2016.jpg
Background Information
NameTimothy Tinkler
Country of BirthUnited States United States
 North America
TeamLux Gaminglogo std.pngLux Gaming
Social Media & Links
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
Jul 2011 - Jul 2011
Logo std.pngDragons and Whales
Nov 2015 - Mar 2016
Noble eSportslogo std.pngNoble eSports
Mar 2016 - Apr 2016
Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
Apr 2016 - Aug 2016
Team Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy
Aug 2016 - Jun 2017
Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid
Jun 2017 - Aug 2017
ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin
Aug 2017 - Oct 2017
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.pngLuminosity Gaming
Jan 2018 - Feb 2018
Logo std.pngDuoDuo
Feb 2018 - Apr 2018
Oxygen Supremacylogo std.pngOxygen Supremacy
Jul 2018 - Nov 2018
Trifectalogo std.pngTrifecta
Dec 2018 - Apr 2019
Logo std.pngWaste of a Seed
May 2019 - Present
Lux Gaminglogo std.pngLux Gaming
Timothy "Rayne" Tinkler is a Halo esports player, currently player for Lux Gaming.


Halo 5: Guardians

With a competitive background going back to at least MLG Anaheim 2011 - where he placed 26th as a member of Dragons and Whales, Rayne burst into the major leagues with the release of Halo 5: Guardians. He joined Noble eSports in November 2015 alongside ContrA, Penguin and longtime teammate FilthyG with the intention of competing in the Halo World Championship 2016 NA Qualifier series. After a series of team changes, the Noble roster was finalized as Rayne, Penguin, Calm and Swift Kill. Noble qualified for the NA Regional Finals as the 7th seed. At NA Regionals, Noble finished top 8, qualifying for Halo World Championship 2016. Between Regionals and Worlds, the Noble roster got into a dispute with the organization, resulting in the players leaving to join Team eLevate. At Worlds, eLevate won their group, sweeping Denial eSports in the process. They then defeated Epsilon eSports in the quarterfinals and lost to Team Allegiance in the semifinals, taking a top 4 finish.

Following Worlds, the eLevate roster broke up, and Rayne soon found himself on Team EnVyUs alongside Mikwen, iGotUrPistola and eL TowN. The team qualified for Pro League at the Summer Qualifier. EnVy finished 3rd place in the Regular Season, notably having the most maps played out of any team. At the Season Finals, EnVy finished 3rd.

During the off-season, Rayne was dropped from EnVyUs. He soon found a home on Team Liquid alongside Spartan, Commonly and former teammate Penguin. After a 3-3 start to the Fall Pro League season, Liquid attended HCS Orange County 2016, where they finished 3rd. Liquid ended up finishing the season with a 7-7 record, good enough for 3rd place. Weeks later, Team Liquid attended HCS Las Vegas 2016, where they nearly took 1st, defeating Team EnVyUs in the Winners Finals before EnVy came back to take two consecutive series and steal the event from Liquid. At the Season Finals, Liquid were only able to win against Str8 Rippin and placed 3rd out of the four teams in attendance.

Liquid made changes in the offseason, replacing Spartan and Commonly with Eco and StelluR. The new roster's first event was UGC St. Louis 2017, where they proved they were a team competing for 1st place as they nearly defeated OpTic Gaming in the Winners Finals before taking out #1 seeded Team EnVyUs in the Losers Finals and again losing a very close series to OpTic in the Grand Finals. At ME Las Vegas 2017, Liquid qualified for Halo World Championship 2017 after sweeping Pnda Gaming, and solidified themselves as the #2 team in North America with two dominant victories over Team EnVyUs. They lost to OpTic Gaming 4-1 in the Finals and went home in 2nd place. At Worlds, Liquid were placed in a pool with Luminosity Gaming and London Conspiracy, both of whom they 3-0d to earn a top seed in the bracket. In Winners Round 1, they again defeated Team EnVyUs, this time 4-3. This was followed by a 4-0 sweep over Str8 Rippin and a 4-1 WB Finals loss to OpTic Gaming. In the LB Finals, they were unable to overcome a hot Team EnVyUs, who defeated them 4-2 to end their night with a 3rd place finish.

At the first event on 2017 settings, UMG Daytona, Liquid faced Splyce a whopping four times over the course of the weekend - twice in pool play, of which each team won one, once in Winners Bracket Round 2, which Liquid won, and following a 5-game loss to OpTic Gaming, once more in the Losers Semifinals which was won by Liquid in a seven-game affair. They then moved on to face Team EnVyUs, looking to reclaim their spot in the top 2 after losing it at Worlds. EnVy had other plans however, sweeping Liquid in the best-of-7 and sending them home in 3rd. After a weak start to the Summer Pro League season that saw them sitting in an uncharacteristic 5th place tie, Team Liquid made a roster change, sending Rayne to Str8 Rippin in exchange for AcE. Rayne and teammates Heinz, Danoxide and Commonly (soon replaced by Kaotic) failed to win a match for the rest of the season, finishing in eighth place and facing potential Relegation at DreamHack Atlanta. In Atlanta, Str8 were beat early by Oxygen Supremacy, putting their pro seed in severe jeopardy. In the Elimination Finals, they were defeated again by Oxygen Supremacy, this time a 4-0, marking Str8 as the first team to get relegated in the HCS Pro League. They fared no better in the Championship Bracket, being swept by Team EnVyUs and beaten by Evil Geniuses, resulting in a top sixteen finish.

After Atlanta, Rayne left Str8 to join Luminosity Gaming alongside Saiyan, TriPPPeY and APG. Luminosity fared better than Rayne's former team had, ultimately finishing fifth in the season. At the DreamHack Denver Finals, Luminosity were upset early by the 12th seeded Str8 Rippin. After a win over eRa Eternity, Luminosity won a close match with Ronin Esports to secure top eight. In the next round, they swept Evil Geniuses to secure top six. Their run ended here as, despite a valiant effort, Luminosity were defeated in the following round by Team EnVyUs.

In the early stages of the North American Halo World Championship 2018 season, Rayne joined forces with Prototype, RyaNoob, and Str8 SicK, forming team DuoDuo. After acquiring the eighth seed going into MLG Orlando, DuoDuo was signed by Oxygen Supremacy. In Orlando, Oxygen finished in the top eight. Oxygen again finished second in their pool at MLG Columbus, earning a berth at Halo World Championship 2018 in the process. They went on to finish in the top six, losing to Team Reciprocity and Splyce. At Worlds, Oxygen Supremacy lost 3-0 to both Team Reciprocity and Team Infused, missing out on the championship bracket and finishing in the top twelve.


  • Rayne considers himself to be "at least 7x worse" than teammate Penguin.







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