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Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
 North America
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CreatedHalo Division - Jan 2016
DisbandedJul 2016
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Renegades (also known as Detroit Renegades and formerly LA Renegades) is an American esports organization that fields teams and players in games such as Rocket League, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends.


Renegades was originally founded as a League of Legends team under the name of Misfits in March 2015.

Halo 5: Guardians

2016: Scooping up the Leftovers

The team of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, Tyler "Spartan" Ganza, Cameron "Victory X" Thorlakson and Hamza "Commonly" Abbaali represented Renegades in the 4th NA Online Qualifying cup. The next week, the same roster, minus Commonly and plus Braedon "StelluR" Boettcher represented Renegades in the 5th cup. The team remained officially known as Leftovers until January 25, when Renegades announced the acquisition of the Leftovers roster, which had previously qualified for the HWC NA Regional Finals as the 5th seed.[1] Renegades's first live event was the X Games Aspen 2016 invitational, where they placed 4th, just out of medal range. At NA Regionals, Renegades had a struggling start in group stage, falling 3-0 to rivals Team Liquid. They defeated the other two teams in the group to advance to the bracket, where they met Counter Logic Gaming in the first round. Renegades were defeated 3-0 in the series, ending their tournament with a top 8 finish, enough to qualify for Halo World Championship 2016. Renegades came out strong at Worlds, upsetting the highly favored Evil Geniuses in group stage. They went 3-0 in their group and drew Team Allegiance in the quarterfinals. Despite going up 2-0 in the series, Allegiance would battle back, winning the series 3-2 and ending Renegades' night with a top 8 finish.

After Worlds, the Renegades roster split, with Spartan and StelluR seeking other team opportunities. Ninja and Victory X eventually settled on Hamza "Commonly" Abbaali, most recently of Evil Geniuses, and Zane "Penguin" Hearon of Team eLevate.[2] The new roster's first event was the Summer Qualifier, where they went 2-1 in their group, initially losing to OpTic Gaming 3-2. They rebounded, defeating Denial eSports 3-1, before enacting revenge on OpTic with a 4-1 defeat, qualifying themselves for the HCS Summer 2016 Pro League. Renegades had their ups and downs throughout the season, eventually finishing with a completely even win/loss rate in series and maps, good enough for fourth place.

During the final weeks of the Pro League season, it was hinted at by Commonly that the roster would leave the organization for a new team after their contracts expired in July. Though the team would close out the season in 4th place under the Renegades banner, this rang true when, on July 25, the roster signed with Cloud9, ending Renegades' tenure in Halo.[3]

2018: Renegades signs Instinct

Renegades returned almost two years later on February 9, 2018, in the heart of HaloWC 2018 season, signing Instinct, a roster consisting of Jason "Lunchbox" Brown, Aaron "Ace" Elam, Bradley "aPG" Laws, Travis "Neptune" McCloud, and coach Casey "Strobe" Hebert.[4] Renegades were impressive at MLG Orlando, finishing in the top six after losing to only OpTic Gaming and Team Reciprocity. After Orlando, coach Strobe was replaced by Dillon "Randa" Randa. Renegades held the fifth seed going into the Regional Finals at MLG Columbus, where they successfully qualified for Worlds with a top six finish, bowing out after 3-0 losses to Team Reciprocity and Team EnVyUs. At Worlds, Renegades finished second in their pool, losing 3-1 to TOX Gaming. In the first round of bracket play, Renegades were narrowly defeated by Team EnVyUs 4-3. They went down to the losers bracket where they took out Team Infused 4-1 before being swept by Team Reciprocity and sent home with a top six finish.


  • 2018
  • 2016



C ID Name Role
USA Mikwen Austin McCleary Player
USA Penguin Zane Hearon Player
USA aPG Bradley Laws Player
USA Neptune Travis McCloud Player
USA Hoaxer Emanuel Lovejoy Head Coach


ID Name Next Team
USA Ninja Tyler Blevins Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Victory X Cameron Thorlakson Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Commonly Hamza Abbaali Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Penguin Zane Hearon Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
USA Spartan Tyler Ganza Team Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
USA StelluR Braedon Boettcher Team Liquidlogo std.png Team Liquid
USA Ace Aaron Elam ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.png Str8 Rippin
USA Lunchbox Jason Brown Logo std.png No Sponsor



ID Name Position
Sweden rebko Jonas Jerebko Owner
USA Shark Shahrukh Panjwani General Manager


ID Name Position
USA Randa Dillon Randa Head Coach
USA Strobe Casey Hebert Head Coach
USA MonteCristo Christopher Mykles Co-Owner
USA Leonyx Rob Lee Manager
USA Symbolic Kory Arruda Head Coach

Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
March 15, 2018 Halo 5 logo.png A55 - 6 $35,000 Halo World Championship 2018 AceaPGLunchboxNeptuneRanda
February 25, 2018 Halo 5 logo.png A55 - 6 $3,000 MLG Columbus 2018 AceaPGLunchboxNeptuneRanda
February 24, 2018 Halo 5 logo.png A55 - 8 - HaloWC 2018 - NA 2000 Series Cup #6 AceaPGLunchboxNeptune
February 18, 2018 Halo 5 logo.png A55 - 6 $3,000 MLG Orlando 2018 AceaPGLunchboxNeptuneStrobe
February 10, 2018 Halo 5 logo.png A33 - 4 - HaloWC 2018 - NA 2000 Series Cup #5 AceaPGLunchboxNeptune
July 15, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A44 $10,000 HCS Pro League - Summer 2016 Season NinjaVictory XPenguinCommonly
May 8, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A22 I1Q ESL Burbank Qualifier 2016 NinjaVictory XPenguinCommonlySymbolic
March 20, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A55 - 8 $75,000 Halo World Championship 2016 SpartanNinjaStelluRVictory XSymbolic
February 21, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A55 - 8 $2,500 MLG Columbus 2016 NinjaSpartanStelluRVictory XSymbolic
January 30, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A44 - X Games Aspen 2016 NinjaSpartanStelluRVictory XSymbolic
January 24, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A55 - 8 - HaloWC 2016 - NA Qualifier #5 NinjaSpartanStelluRVictory X
January 17, 2016 Halo 5 logo.png A33 - 4 - HaloWC 2016 - NA Qualifier #4 CommonlyNinjaSpartanVictory X

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