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Please contact me on the LoL wiki or my twitter. Thanks!

Staff Application

Hello River, I was just wondering if there's a staff position available? I applied months ago and when I did Ahawowow told me that someone was supposed to contact me about my application. This was awhile back (I think a month or 2 ago) that I submitted my application and I got no response. If you don't know, I am a staff member on the CoD eSportspedia site & would love to be more involved with this site. Just get back to me when you can. - Ghost (talk)

Past / Resolved Messages

Hey, can you move the AGL 4 Chicago page to AGL 3 Chicago? AGL 4 actually took place in New Jersey and was won by a team called Faded. Ahawowow (talk) 05:12, 10 February 2015 (UTC)

Logo std2

LewZz (talk) Hey River, could u take a look at this? I think this would be better than the current logo_std2 Logo stdDraft.png

Former Editor

Hey River I was introduced to the community by Doug a long time ago back when the site was the old page originally. I went from being pretty active to dormant because of stuff going on throughout the year. When the new site was made I still wasn't active so I never asked to be given my Moderator status back. If somebody could reinstate that it'd be very helpful. I frequently check the community Skype and pay attention to the community as a competitor so I haven't missed a thing. Recently I've been updating some player profiles or flat giving them an complete overhaul to make it look amazing. You can see some of the stuff I've done in my contributions. Thank you in advance. -Takedown